I received my B.A. from Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. I took two years off after college and worked for a non-profit in Birmingham, Alabama. At Southern Research Institute, I was enthralled with the scientific experience. I applied for a graduate program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where I was accepted and began a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. During my Ph.D. eduction, I was introduced to Dr. Victor Faundez at Emory University. Through that interaction, I decided I wanted to do a post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Faundez. I was fortunate enough to apply for and receive a fellowship in his lab. During my time at Emory, I also applied for a fellowship that allowed me to teach as well as do research, the FIRST fellowship (an IRACDA program). I enjoyed my opportunity to teach and after a few years in the program, I applied for a job teaching biology and neuroscience at Agnes Scott College, where I am today. Agnes Scott College is a small liberal arts college for women with a mission to "educate women to think deeply, live honorably, and engage in the intellectual and social challenges of their time."